Sunday, February 5, 2017

New Year, New Phone

After using my Samsung S3 for two full years, I think it is high time for me to get a new phone. It is showing some problems for quite a while, one thing the battery always go flat just after a few hours of usage, I asked the sales assistant is it okay if I change the battery to a new one, he said it does not help much because the phone system itself is already not very good. Another thing is the phone will sometimes black out on its own and I have to take out the whole battery to reboot it.

And using my old phone, I was unable to view my blog comments and post online.

So here I am with my new phone, Oppo phone. I am getting Oppo because of the sales assistant's recommendation and because the price is reasonable with the specifications I wanted.

The retail price is S$229 and I choose gold colour (they have gold and pink).


Hayley said...

I think handphone always cannot last longer than 3 years one, haha!
Oppo phones seem like quite hit lately, may be because of the handsome ambassador oppa Lee Min Ho? Hehe!

Libby said...

Hayley: Lee Min Ho is the ambassador? Didn't know about that hee hee

Phong Hong said...

I also need to change phone :(

Nancy Chan said...

My phone is also about 2 years plus. I am still using it but it is starting to show signs of old age. Ha ha. Waiting to see if it will last 3 years.

mun said...

From your description of your hand phone, it is about time you get a new phone. Many people that I know are changing their hand phones to Oppo brand too.

Twilight Man said...

I think all brands will kaput after 3 years and those heavy users have to change less than 2 years. Now that Hwawei brand is top selling in China and probably the world too.