Friday, February 17, 2017

Heartwarming postcard from cold Hokkaido

If you have been following his blog, you would have known that he went to Hokkaido recently to attend the Sapporo Snow Festival. Yes! It is nonetheless Anay TM.

Received his post card from Hokkaido, this is the 4th time I got a postcard from him, I was thinking to myself, maybe I should have an album to keep all the postcards from him, that would be nice.

Thanks Anay for the effort and for remembering us even when you are away for holiday.

Appreciate it very much.


Rose World said...

Very nice of him to send you a postcard. A friend of mine is now holidaying in Hokkaido with her hubby.

Twilight Man said...

Wow~! That was fast and Japan's postal service is like a reliable bullet train.
This time I only had few postcards to send out as they are sold in package sets. I thought I would skip but my wife insisted that we should send to friends as usual.

Nancy Chan said...

It will be good to keep an album of the postcards for safe keeping.

mun said...

yes to your idea of keeping the postcards in an album.

Twilight Man said...

I am very shocked to hear from Small Kucing and another friend that they received my China postcards today. I hope you will receive yours too which was posted on 2nd December!!!

Libby said...

TM: Hope to receive the postcard from China real soon. By the way, I have kept all the postcards you sent to me in my photo album, thanks for the effort Anay