Monday, January 30, 2017

My CNY Activities

Fri CNY Eve - Went River Ang Bao after dinner with sis and mom.
Sat CNY Day 1 (Chu Yi) - Sis, her hubby and my nephew came our house to bai nian. We also played cards (Ban Luck) at home.
Sun CNY Day 2 (Chu Er) - Went River Ang Bao again with mom, managed to watch the fireworks at 9pm.
Mon CNY Day 3 (Chu San) - Dressed up and went Guan Yin Temple to pray for a good year for myself and family.
Tue CNY Day 4 - Went Karaoke (KTV) with buddy.
Wed CNY Day 5 - Got to teach today.
Thur CNY Day 6 - Went Aunt and Uncle houses to bai nian.
Fri CNY Day 7 - Went River Ang Bao again to take photos but it was raining heavily, eat dinner at 亚秋南华昌鱼头炉
Sat CNY Day 8 - Last day of River Ang Bao, managed to take many photos finally, 初九拜天公
Sun CNY Day 9 - Bought my Oppo phone

I like CNY because of the abundant food, ang pow giving and receiving, the bonding and gathering. But one thing I dislike about CNY is many shops are closed for business (I mean the shopping malls) so there is lesser place to go. However, nowadays, many shops are already opened on the second day of CNY.
CNY Eve - River Ang Bao

River Ang Bao

River Ang Bao - God of Fortune

River Ang Bao - Entrance

My sis, her hubby and my nephew
Lucky Cat is here to wish everyone happy CNY


Phong Hong said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai! MY CNY is not as busy as yours.

Rose World said...

Nice penning of your CNY!! Love the lucky cat's photo. So cute.

I were busy on the eve, then 1st and 2nd day. 3rd day, we stayed home and slept. Haha. This morning woke up with sore throat. Sigh.

Nancy Chan said...

I was busy since Friday till Tue (today), cooking lunch and dinner for my family. Only Mon (yesterday) was a rest day for me when my sons had dinner gathering with friends. Even though it can be quite tiring but I enjoy cooking for my family. On 1st morning had dim sum breakfast with a close friend & his family and the restaurant was packed to the brim.

Nux V said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai to u and family! it's kinda quiet here too in KL....I started working today otherwise I will left to 'rot' at home for watching tv, eating and sleeping too much!

reana claire said...

Yes, I love CNY too!! Food and Family comes together..

Libby said...

The lucky cat photo is me, do you know?

mun said...

Yes, I know the lucky cat photo is you. Such a nice photo! River Ang Bao is always so 热闹! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Twilight Man said...

You and your sister look like mixed Chinese! Nice!

Libby said...

PH: Still can wish you Gong Xi Fa Cai PH

Rose: Thank you Rose and do take care, sick is suffer

Nancy: So nice of you to enjoy cooking for your family

Nux: Yes indeed, actually CNY also nothing much to do, just eat, watch TV and visiting, I also prefer to start work earlier as I prefer to have things to do

Claire: As mentioned above, I like CNY because of the food and the ang pow giving and receiving

Mun: Thank you Mun, yes River Ang Bao is very crowded, this year I did not take many photos of the River Ang Bao because that day I went it was raining heavily

TM: Thank you TM