Monday, November 7, 2016

Update on my telemarketing job

Update on my telemarketing job so far, I managed to find one client who intends to rent out her whole 5 Room flat, rental fee would be S$2500 for the whole flat, if successful, my agent would get S$1250 commission, so my agent was quite happy but he needs to find the tenants first.

There is also another client who intends to sell her condominium at Tanjong Katong, I passed the lead to my agent, this one has more difficulty as it may not be easy to find buyer for the condo as times are bad.

No job is easy, that is what I would say, nothing is easy especially when times are bad and we are facing recession and economy downturn.


Rose World said...

Good luck in your telemarketing.

Yes. Time is bad now.

Twilight Man said...

That would be good money to sell properties! Good luck to you.

Nancy Chan said...

Yes, time is bad everywhere. Hope your agent gets a good tenant. Wish you the best. Every job has its challenges. We all need perseverance and patient.

Hayley said...

Yes, no job is easy, even stay at home mum has her own pressure :(
But, we just need to think positive right?

All the best to you!!

mun said...

All the best to you and your agent and also those looking for tenants and wanting to sell their properties.