Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My student's composition writing result

These are the comments made by her school teacher:

(1) Content

Story is relevant to pictures.
Content is quite interesting.
Ideas are well-linked with some attempt at paragraphing.

Her marks for content: 3.5/5

(2) Language and Organisation

Fairly good use of appropriate vocabulary.
Fairly consistent use of tenses.
Several errors in spelling/punctuation/grammar

Her marks for language: 2.5/5

Grand Total: 6/10

My student has many ideas when it comes to composition writing so she is better in content but she needs to brush up on her spelling.


Merryn said...

It's good to know that your student has many ideas for writing. At least half of the battle is gone. Now, only to improve on her spelling and language.

Hayley said...

Practice makes perfect! Jiayou to this student of yours!

Libby said...

Merryn: Yes, you are right

Libby said...

Hayley: Yes I let her practise more

mun said...

Drill her for spelling then! But good that her content is good.

Nancy Chan said...

Very encouraging remarks from the teacher. Now your student has to brush up on her spelling.