Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Books Exchange (17.10.16, Monday)

In the evening, I went to use my old books to exchange for "new" books here with Jose. I brought 3 books to exchange, Jose brought 7 but some of her books she cannot used to exchange because they are too yellowish and old.

These are the three books I selected:

(1) A Buddhist Book by Xing Yun Fa Shi (one who has mastered the sutras).
(2) Look inside your man of Twelve Signs.
(3) Why some men don't dare to love you?

The second and third books are just for fun reading and knowledge.

For books that I like to read, I can finish reading within one day.

For books that I read halfway and don't like the content, I may give them away or stop reading totally.

After that, we went to the Food Court downstairs to have our dinner. We had vegetarian food. My buddy Jose is working in a temple, so sometimes she will eat vegetarian food too.

Thereafter, we went Daiso shopping and we bought some household products for home use. As we were tired after walking for quite a while, we rested our feet at Han's and had some drinks.

Then, it was home sweet home.

That ends my splendid day spent with my buddy.


Corina Leong said...

A nice selection of books. Are these heavy weights?

Twilight Man said...

It is very good that you support the causes of book exchange. I used to attend this event in KL with a car load full of my wife's books totaling over 100 copies. I gave away all and took nothing.

Will you share with us anything funny from the books # 2 & 3??

Phong Hong said...

I must make an effort to read at least one book this year. When I was small I loved to read but as I get older I seem to have less and less time for books.

mun said...

Reading is a good habit! Keep it up!

Libby said...

Corina: Why do you mean by heavy weights?

TM: Sure, will share about the books after I read them

Corina Leong said...

Heavy weight as in serious, important, or influential materials/info

Libby said...

Corina: #2 and #3 are light reading whereas #1 is slightly heavy weight because it is a Buddhist book

Libby said...

Corina: *I mean what do you mean by heavy weights