Sunday, September 4, 2016

Taipei Seoul Cafe

No, I am not in Taipei, I am not in Seoul too, how can I be in two places at the same time. I was at Taipei Seoul Cafe in SG. With my buddy Jose.

The names of their drinks are named after popular Idol Drama.
These are what we had.

I had the Korean Spicy Chicken with rice (S$13.90) while my buddy had Chicken Ramen with Cheese (S$9.90). The Korean Spicy Chicken tastes a bit like curry chicken with potato but it is sweeter. It comes with Soup of the Day too.

These are the drinks we ordered. Mine is green in colour and its name is Green Forest (S$12) whereas my buddy's one is red in colour and its name is my destiny (S$12). Unique and special right? The drinks are huge and that's why after having our dinner and drinks, we were very full, but very satisfying.
My destiny

Green Forest
This is the interior and ambience of the cafe. Very nice and cozy.

The bill.

This is the address of the cafe:

Taipei Seoul Cafe
10 Jalan Leban
Singapore 577551
Tel: 67489909 / 97481637

Take Bus 169 from Ang Mo Kio Interchange and alight at the 7th stop.

P/S Almost forgot to mention, we also had the Fried Chicken Fillet but did not take photo, it costed S$7.00.

Their toast and waffle look good too, but we came at dinner time, so we can't be having toast or waffle for dinner.


CL (RealGunners) said...

What they want o? Taipei then Taipei, Seoul then Seoul lah. Sorry ah, but I am easily peeved when I see restaurants with names that I think is strange and inappropriate... >.<

Libby said...

RG: Just like what Mun said in her Texas Chicken post, everyone wants to offer everything

Rose World said...

Fusion of two famous cities. Interesting. I like the names of the drinks.

Nancy Chan said...

The cafe has a nice interior. Most important the food is good! Have a beautiful day!

Phong Hong said...

I would choose what you had because I don't like cheese.

mun said...

Taiwanand Korean food is very popular here too.

Twilight Man said...

I love Korean food more than Taipei ones.

Here we have a bridal chain shop named France-Taipei.