Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mid Autumn @ Gardens By The Bay - Night Scenery

Went with mom to have a look at the Mid Autumn decorations at Gardens By the Bay which is from 3 Sep to 18 Sep. Admission is free and it is open to public until 11.00pm.

We took Downtown Line until Bayfront Station and reached there around 9.00pm.

I prefer to go there in the evening because it is more cooling in the night and it looks nice at night when the lights are on.

These are the photos I took.
With Mom at Gardens By the Bay

Hou Yi

Poster to explain who is Hou Yi

The Matchmaker (Yue Lao)

From another angle

Poster explaining who is Yue Lao

Another decoration

Another decoration



mun said...

Nice photo of your mother! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos.

Twilight Man said...

Nice decorations for night time. Singapore is always full of nice surprises!
Your mummy is young and trendy.

Hayley said...

Mid Autumn Festival is just around the corner!

My place doesn't have such decorations.. So can only admire from you guys, hehehe!

Phong Hong said...

The decorations are very elaborate and colorful. It feels very festive!

CL (RealGunners) said...

Huh? The key character not here. Where's Chang Er?

Libby said...

RG: I didn't spot Chang Er as I was there a short while, maybe I will go there again to find Chang Er LOL