Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Where to go next?

Where shall me and my buddy go next for a short trip? Bangkok? Genting? Malacca or Batam again?

Like Bangkok because it is a shopping and food paradise and we can visit their famous temples, I like visiting temples. But I wonder is it safe to go now?
But come to think of it, no place is safe nowadays, even Singapore faced the threat of a bomb rocket from Batam aiming at MBS not long ago.

Thinking of going Genting because of the cooling weather.
Malacca because I want to try the Nyonya restaurant at Hotel Equatorial.
Batam because it is cheap and nice.
Ferry to Batam
If it were you, which place would you choose? I need your opinion and recommendation.


mun said...

Depends on what you like to do. Shopping then Bangkok. Cool air then Genting. Eat then Malacca. Relax then Batam.

Libby said...

Mun: Hee hee hee, all I like Mun, I very greedy :P

Phong Hong said...

My Singapore relatives love to go to Genting last time. Maybe you will love it too. They always pronounce it as "Jenting".

Libby said...

PH: I had been to Genting before, if I can go this round, it would be my 5th time there

CL (RealGunners) said...

Come to Penang, help me with house moving. :P

Twilight Man said...

The best choice is always Bangkok! The 2nd and 3rd choices are also Bangkok! Hee Hee!

Thank you very much for the thoughtful gifts.