Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Top Commenter Award

Since my previous blog giveaway did not work out well, I will hold a Top Commenter Award this round. I had consolidated the number of comments for my March 2016 posts and these are the results I get:

Mun - 27 comments
Twilight Man - 23 comments
Phong Hong - 17 comments
SK - 16 comments
Realgunners - 15 comments
Rose - 14 comments
Princess Ribbon - 10 comments
Chris - 9 comments
Huai Bin - 6 comments
Yannie - 5 comments
Agnes - 5 comments
Nancy - 5 comments
Angeline - 5 comments
Babara - 4 comments
Hayley - 3 comments
Yee Ling - 3 comments
Nux - 3 comments
Eunice - 2 comments
Merryn - 2 comments
STP - 2 comments
Coffeegirl - 1 comment

So the Top Commenter is.......drums roll......Mun! So obvious right? Can Mun kindly text me your mailing address in my email: and I will send the secret souvenirs to you, this round it will be a double or maybe triple souvenir, so what are you waiting for? Hee hee.

Once again, congratulations Mun!

Initially, I wanted to hold a Top 3 Commenters Award to include Twilight Man and Phong Hong, but the gifts will be more diluted. So in order to have better souvenirs for just ONE commenter, I decided to hold a Top Commenter Award instead. But do not be disappointed TM and PH, your turn will come very soon again I believe, just keep supporting my blog, hee hee. And thanks once again for all my blog readers for leaving comments in my blog, they have indeed made my day!

Thank you.


suituapui said...

Oh? You're giving away prizes for top commenters now? I have noticed a drastic drop in people commenting these days...unlike during my early blogging days. Number of people dropping by is also a bit less. Guess many are getting bored with blogging and blogs - a lot more people into Instagram now these days, I hear.

Phong Hong said...

Congrats to Mun! Thanks for the mention Libby :)

Rose World said...

Congrats, Mun!! :)

CL (RealGunners) said...

Hmm... I suspect Mun will decline the prizes. I hope she doesn't though. Eh Mun, please prove me wrong okay? And congrats!!!

Twilight Man said...

Congratulations Mun!

Esther Lee said...

Congratulations! Mun is your top supporter.

Nancy Chan said...

Congratulations Mun! Have a happy weekend!

mun said...

Thank you everyone! Hahahaha, RG, I don't have to decline because since I was busy I did not reply in time so the prize goes to TM! Congrats TM! ;p

Libby said...

Mun: Oh no, what shall I do now? Why didn't you reply earlier, oh you said you were busy, you were so close Mun, I am sorry about it, but I can't take back my words so I will be giving the prizes to TM and PH, thanks for leaving comments in my blog diligently and thank you for your support, whether there is prize or no prize, you will still support my blog right? Hee hee

mun said...

Yes, of course! I read your blog because I like reading your posts, not because of the prizes. I am happy that TM and PH are getting the prizes. For me it is the thought that counts so I am satisfied that you picked me as the winner. No matter about the prizes. Don't think much about it, ok? :D

Twilight Man said...