Sunday, August 14, 2016

Top Commenter Award - Round Up

There is a problem with my previous post, the comments box cannot be opened and activated, so here it is, the same post again.
I am sorry Mun, why didn't you reply earlier? Oh you said you were busy, you were so close Mun. What shall I do now?

Alright, you still can send your mailing address to my email address, I am sincere in giving the souvenirs so I will still accept your address. Once again, thank you for leaving comments diligently in my blog and I appreciate them. But whether got prize or no prize, you will still support my blog right? Hee hee.

This is my previous post.

Since Mun did not reply to my comment in her blog informing that she has won the Top Commenter Award and she did not comment in my blog post, I regret to give her chance to another winner. The next winner will be the second top commenter, Twilight Man. Since I already have TM's address, I shall send the secret souvenirs to him directly. And I hope to make Phong Hong's day too, I will also consider her for the souvenirs since she is Top 3. Can PH kindly email your mailing address to my email address since I do not have your address. Ok, I shall do my shopping to source for what I can get for you guys, do wait patiently for my souvenirs.



Nancy Chan said...

So now you have 2 winners! Congratulations to the 2 winners.

CL (RealGunners) said...

Most of us read blogs not because of prizes one lah... don't worry. ;)

mun said...

Yes, like RG says, most of us read blogs not because of prizes. So it is ok for me. No need to send me the prizes. Can keep for the next round. Thank you very much. It is the thought that counts. I like reading your blog so I will keep coming back to read it and leaving comments.

Twilight Man said...

Yeah I read all blogs because they are entertaining and fun sometimes. I often learnt what's new from others. Congratulations Mun.

Twilight Man said...

Eh! I just realised what you meant by the comments box could not open so I am back here to leave comments. LOLOL