Monday, August 15, 2016

Sunday Flea Market @ Teck Ghee Horizon

I mentioned my intention to rent a Flea Market stall at Teck Ghee here. Wanted to book a booth to sell my pre-loved items such as clothings, bags, shoes and DVD. When I reached there, the queue was super long and the forms had all been distributed according to the organizer. So I can only reserve, if there is cancellation then I will have a chance. Registration is supposed to start at 9.30am but I heard there are people who came to queue as early as 7.00am. So end up I just bought two cute design pencil cases from there.
Long queue for registration

DIY Party stuff, water bottles and bags

Ear rings and accessories


Pouch and pencil case

Price for old and new items

End up I bought these 2 pencil cases from the stall (S$1 each)


Rose World said...

I love looking around a flea market. You will never know what you could find there.

Hope you got a spot in selling your stuff there.

Phong Hong said...

Is rent expensive. I hope you get a booth so that you can sell off your items. I like the pencil cases you bought.

Nancy Chan said...

I enjoy visiting the flea market. Many interesting things to see. Hope you will get a place soon.

mun said...

Wow, seems like many people want to rent a stall there. Hope you get to rent a stall there too.

Twilight Man said...

What a surprise that flea markets are so popular there! We also see many weekend flea markets here and they are popular with foreigners.