Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sakae Sushi again (Friday, 19 August 2016)

I had my sushi fix at Sakae Sushi again, my favourite sushi place.

These are what I had.

(1) Chawanmushi (S$2.39)
(2) Fried Tofu (S$2.39)
(3) California Mini Maki (S$7.99)
(4) Tuna Mayo Gunkan (S$2.39)
(5) Seasoned Kani Kama Gunkan (S$2.39)
(6) Lobster Salad Gunkan (S$4.39)
(7) Coca Cola (S$2.79)
and comes with wet tissue (S$0.30)

The total bill comes up to S$36.95 including 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Chawanmushi and Fried Tofu



mun said...

I love to eat Japanese food. Yum! Yum!

Merryn said...

I had Sakae Sushi too last Saturday. We get the Soft Shell Crab for free because it is the item on the calendar for the month of August. I have the Sakae Sushi calendar which gives away something every month.

Rose World said...

I love Japanese but I seldom dine in one. It has been a while since I go to Sakae. I love its soft shell crabs.

CL (RealGunners) said...

You had all those... alone? Yay another big eater! :P

Phong Hong said...

I enjoy sushi but so far have not yet been to Sakae Sushi.

Twilight Man said...

I used to frequent this outlet in KL as they have very spacious ambiance.
I must go again to check my member's card expiry date.

Libby said...

Mun: Me too

Merryn: So nice you have the Sakae Sushi Calendar

Rose: I don't really like the soft shell crabs

RG: Yeah I ate alone, I am a big eater, I enjoy food

PH: Maybe you should try one day, but different branches may have different standards, inconsistency in its standard

TM: My member's card expired already