Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Herbivore Japanese Vegetarian Cuisine Restaurant

I posted about my previous trip to Herbivore here. Forgot to list down the prices previously so I do not know how much the Salmon Rice and Chocolate Banana costed.

Today I was here again.

This is what I had, Tempura Soba (S$18.00) and Chocolate Milkshake (S$7.50), the price of the Milkshake was on the high side but it was very sweet so I like it very much. The total bill amount was S$30 with the service charge and GST.

I find vegetarian food are usually on the more expensive side, why is that so?

I find this restaurant charges are on the high side, so I will try it but I will not frequent it.


mun said...

I guess the price is high because less people eat at vegetarian places so they need to sell the food at a higher margin.

Phong Hong said...

Once in a while it is OK to give yourself an expensive treat.

Nancy Chan said...

If you really like the food there, can go once in a while.

Merryn said...

I'm not too sure myself as I don't really go for vegetarian food especially if the name is Herbivore coz deep down I'm a Carnivore. Haha.

Twilight Man said...

Most of the time I would order Tempura in Japan as it is quite light meals and very delicious compared to KL's restaurants.