Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Topic About Time - Linear vs Timeless Views

There is a beginning to all things.

There is an end to all things.

Right now is somewhere in between.
This is Linear Time, typically western view of time.
In Linear Time, time is linear extending from past to present to future, we experience time duration, how long things last.
In Timeless View, time is not felt to extend or linear, there's timelessness, no felt duration. In Timeless View, people tend to focus on the present, it is not that they don't value the past nor believe in the future, it is just that they tend to live very fully in the present.

Whenever people say, he has a bright future, have you ever wonder what does it mean by future, doesn't our present moment come from our future (tomorrow will become today) and our past made up of our todays (today will become yesterday).
What is the past and what is the future? Before you see someone, that someone is your future and after you saw that someone and someone moves out of your view again, that someone is your past, but does that mean that someone does not exist before you see him, of course not, he exists all the time, don't believe me, see him from the top of your house and you will see him, he exists all the time.

So there is no concept of time, time is just a concept of space, if that someone moves out of your view and your space, he is your past, before he appears, he is your future.
So always treasure your present moment and live in the present, because the past is over and the future is not here yet, if you make the best of your present, which is actually your future arriving and eventually becomes your past, you will have a bright future and memorable past.
So your friends and relatives who had passed away, they are actually not your past, they always exist and still exist, just in a different space and dimension.

Got it?
This is what I gathered and learned after reading the following book.


mun said...

So need to plan for the future or not?

Libby said...

Mun: Make the best of today, because your today is your future, if you plan, but when today comes, you do nothing, all your planning will be wasted

Rose World said...

Wow! I need to read twice to understand this.

CL (RealGunners) said...

Morons who read this book will interpret it as: "Yay! YOLO! No need to plan for the future!"... Actually, we should always have an eye on the future, but do not be obsessed with it. Plan for the future but live for today.