Sunday, July 24, 2016

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Why Vegetarian?

Like we humans, our fellow animals have the same capacity to feel LOVE, FEAR and PAIN.

Today's animal farming is cruel. To enable the farm animals to survive the harsh conditions and to promote unnatural growth, they are often injected with antibiotics and growth hormones. Often, chicks are de-beaked; pigs are castrated, their teeth cut and their tails docked, without anaesthesia. Commonly, these fellow animals are imprisoned in cramped conditions where their natural instincts are suppressed. From the moment of birth and throughout their lives, distress is a norm. Their last day is their worst.

As long as there are factory farms where animals are cramped in unnatural conditions, the threat of epidemics will always be there, because factory farm conditions are ideal staging grounds for epidemics. The stressful conditions weaken the immune system of the animals. Viruses can mutate and remain dormant. This poses great danger of pandemics for humans.

Farm animals are helpless, defenceless and innocent. There is no escape from the slaughterhouse as long as there is a demand for meat. Slaughtering is brutal, no matter how "humane" we try to make it. When we eat meat, we eat violence. Directly or indirectly, we propogate violence.

In factory farms today, our fellow animals suffer a lifetime of imprisonment. They are innocent, and totally defenceless. We exploit them, taking advantage of their weakness. No matter how they struggle and suffer, there is no escape.

Eating meat is not a necessity for humans. Some early humans were hunters, but we have since developed the ability to grow more than enough plant food to meet our needs. Animals do not exist to be our food. They express the diversity of life on Earth and the abundance of nature's wonder, beauty and exuberance. Each and every animal shares this planet with us.

Animal Foods:
  • contain absolutely ZERO fibre
  • are generally high in cholesterol, even lean meat
  • are generally high in fats, especially saturated fats which cause many health problems
  • are mostly unpalatable without seasoning or cooking
  • contain carcinogenic (cancer-causing) compounds, especially when grilled or cooked at high temperatures
  • account for more than 95% of all food poisoning cases
  • may contain toxins form the foods fed to the animals, not to mention antibiotics given to the animals and the toxins the animals secrete during imprisonment, mistreatment and slaughter. 
Physical or mental stress in animals may lead to the release of adrenalin (hormones secreted upon panic), glucagons (hormone secreted upon distress) and cortisol (hormone secreted upon injury) in the blood. During the trauma of slaughter, stress levels can be exceptionally high, leading to very high secretion of such hormones. Together with exogeneous chemicals (herbicides, pesticides consumed via animal feed), meat eating offers many potential dangers. As a precaution, avoidance of reduction of meat consumption may be prudent.

The choice of our food today can make a great difference in our health tomorrow.


mun said...

My younger brother read many articles like this so he is not eating meat nowadays.

Nancy Chan said...

My sister-in-law and her family are vegetarians.

Rose World said...

Thanks for sharing. Often read and watch such inhuman handling of animals in slaughterhouse.

Hayley said...

Hi Libby!

It's good to be a vegetarian these days, unfortunately I don't think I can take it for a life time, hehe, but I do enjoy all kind of vegetarian meals from time to time.

Libby said...

Hayley: I also admit I cannot be a full time vegetarian because I am a glutton and I simply love food, but on certain days I do go vegetarian to "wash away" some of my sins

ChrisAu said...

Thanks for sharing too.

Twilight Man said...

There are Buddhist mantras to ferry the poor lost souls.