Sunday, July 3, 2016

Book Exchange

My friend Jose told me there is a bookstore which has book exchange. So I went there to exchange books, but they have a condition, one can only exchange 4 books each visit and small book exchange for small book, big book exchange for big book. So happily I went with my old books to exchange.

These are the books I managed to get after exchanging with my old books:

I like the book in the 3rd photo especially, a Chinese book (Title - Consider yourself lucky if you are not married), the book was written with good humor by the author, I enjoy reading it.

The book in the 4th photo is a English book, I have started reading it.

The rest are all Chinese Romance Stories.

I am going to spend my free time reading these books.


Phong Hong said...

Good for you! Exchanging books is a very good idea.

Rose World said...

This is nice. I would not mind exhanging my novels.

Happy reading, Libby.

mun said...

So nice of them to let you exchange books without paying any top up. Do they allow old books to be exchanged too ?

CL (RealGunners) said...

Unfortunately I cannot use this book exchange thing, because my books are all eBooks nowadays.

Huai Bin said...

How interesting! I thought it was a bookstore. How does the exchange work? Do you just send in any book 1-for-1?

Libby said...

Mun: Yes, can bring old books to exchange but only limited selection of books we can choose to get

Huai Bin: Yes, any book can exchange but I think religious books cannot