Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Do you agree?

Do you agree with the following two statements? Why yes or why not?

(1) Neither be happy when things to our way nor unhappy when they do not. Everything changes, nothing is real.

(2) Everything is impermanent, nothing stays the same. For example, we are not the same people we were in yesterday's photograph. If everything is changeable and nothing stays the same, why should we attach to it?

My personal opinion, the first statement, I do agree with the second sentence that everything changes, nothing is predictable and we never know what tomorrow will bring however if we don't feel happy or unhappy, we will become humans without feelings. We are humans and humans have emotions, unless we are saints.

As for second statement, I do agree that everything is impermanent, everything is changeable and nothing stays the same, such as our looks, but I feel we should look after our looks too because it is important that one looks presentable, is this considered attach to it? Looks are important but we should not feel sad if we do not look pretty or handsome because looks will change and we should not attach to it.


mun said...

Are both teachings from the Buddha?

Libby said...

Mun: Yes, Mun

Libby said...

By the way, the name of the eatery where I ate the Seafood Spaghetti here ( is Five Grill Kitchen

mun said...

Thanks for the info! :D

CL (RealGunners) said...

These are all Buddhism teachings on reaching enlightenment. I would say if you wanna 出家 then you should strive to achieve these states. But if I am to only talk about myself, yes we should accept that everything is impermanent, so... don't get too attached to things. But to stop feeling happy/unhappy? Sorry, no can do. Without emotions, wouldn't life be so boring? Emotions is part of being human, to stop feeling is to stop being human in my opinion.