Monday, July 25, 2016

Another update of my nephew

My nephew and his mother (my sis)
I wonder do boys normally have bad temper, my nephew is naughty and also not very good temper, he seeks attention a lot and cries whenever adults are not within his vision. He likes people to play with him all the time and that is quite draining on the adults. Sometimes he can be a while crying and a while smiling, really don't know to be angry with him or not. Sometimes when he cry, his mother will ignore him until he stops crying on his own because cannot everytime give in to him

Sometimes he will stare into blank space and don't know what his little brain is thinking.

But I do observe that he learns things very fast, he learned his walking quite easily.


mun said...

There is an app for smartphone that shows how a baby or toddler will act at certain milestones in their lives so you can get that to understand more about why your nephew is behaving the way he is behaving. I believe almost all children are acting the way he is acting as you described.

Rose World said...

Pretty mum and cute boy. I am not sure, I guess all kids are like that. But I do notice my boys are very energetic and the youngest are very bad tempered. My girl is the easiest to take care. Very independent and mature at young age; I did not worry too much about her.

Twilight Man said...

Your sister looks so young like a teenager!! Boys are boys! Smack them hard and let them sulk. That's how my mum trained us. LOLOL

Phong Hong said...

Your sister is so young. I don't know much about children but from what I can see, it depends, some need more attention than others. Some are quite well behaved while others are more naughty.

Libby said...

Mun: Do you know the name of the app?


Rose, PH: Normally girls are more sensible and well-behaved

mun said...

The name of the app is Wonder Weeks.