Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tribute to 3 Bloggers with A Great Sense of Humour

(1) Phong Hong

You have a hilarious sense of humor. You entertain people with a dramatic way of expressing yourself and telling jokes.

Dramatic because you always like to describe the sights and add in sounds such as eating sounds (NOM NOM NOM).

(2) Realgunners

He already mentioned himself in his blog that he has an annoying sense of humour. You love playing pranks on your friends, don't you?

Your humor is a mix between dark humor and sarcasm.  

You are naughty too! You love talking about the opposite sex and bodily functions.

But sometimes your humor is deep and I may not understand them.

(3) Twilight Man

I also like TM's humor, his humor is more straightforward as I can understand them right in my face. His humor is also dramatic as he can describe all the actions vividly.

Example of his humor:

When I am scared of ghosts, I must look for my wife! She knows that, after seeing how I hid behind her when we entered the Haunted House in Disneyland, Hong Kong. The masked vampire pounced on me screaming at my neck! I freaked out madly and repeatedly punched him so bloody hard until the vampire cried loudly & pulled my shirt to wrestle! Wakakakaka

I may not be correct but these are just my opinions after following their blogs for quite a while.

And I must say they do write good English which I have learned a lot from them.

Of course, the rest of the bloggers, they have their own good points which is why I am still following their blogs.

Keep up the good work, PH, RG and TM and keep blogging!


mun said...

Hahaha, all three of them will be pleased that you featured them in your post. :D

Phong Hong said...

Oh, Libby! hee..hee...thank you, thank you. So paiseh....

Rose World said...

Nice tribute to the 3 bloggers. I do read their blogs but hardly comment. They have unique writing skill.

Coffee Girl said...

I cant find any link, except for Twilight Man (whom I followed)... huhu

reana claire said...

Good deduction!! Carry on enjoying reading blogs!

CL (RealGunners) said...

I am naughty?? Really ar???

Actually I am a quiet, shy and boring person in real life. My blog is my alter ego. :/

Libby said...

Coffeegirl: Hi coffeegirl, you can find PH and RG in my blog list