Thursday, June 23, 2016

Kids' Talk

(1) A father and his (I think) 5 years old daughter looking at a toy in the toy department of a store.

Daughter: Bring home ok?

Father: Pay money ok?

Daughter: No money.

Father: No money how?

Daughter: Just take.

Father: !!!???

(2) Grandmother and her grandson inside a bus.

Grandson: Bus 63M, without M is 63. 63 go where?

Grandmother: Go Chinatwon.

Grandson: China is a country, so bus 63 goes to China.

Grandmother: !!!???

So cute to happen to overheard these two conversations with the kid. So sweet and so cute.


Hayley said...


Merryn said...

Kid says the darnest things. It is so cute to listen to their innocent chatters.

mun said...

Children are so innocent!

Rose World said...

hahah! Clever kids.

CL (RealGunners) said...

Hehehe, I share some more here, I read this from A Singaporean In Australia. These were his daughter's words:

-Albany, after taking part of the dessert she served me to her plate, leaving me open mouthed in disbelief.

"Daddy, my promise is painful."
- Albany showing me her pinkie

Libby said...

RG: Doesn't really understand the joke leh