Monday, June 20, 2016

Foodpanda (18 June 2016)

First time trying Foodpanda.

This is what I ordered:

(1) 2 x Chawanmushi = S$2.50 x 2 = S$5.00

(2) 1 x Nigiri Sushi - Salmon (2 pcs) = S$2.80

(3) 1 x Pork Katsu Bento = S$8.90

Subtotal = S$16.70

Delivery fee = S$3.00

GST = S$0.21

Grand Total = S$19.91

Their service was good and they even notify me through SMS that my food has been picked up from the restaurant by the rider and is on the way to my apartment.

The food was not bad if you don't mind that it is not as warm as serve on the spot.

At least I don't have to travel far to get a taste of my favourite Chawanmushi.

Quite fun trying it.


mun said...

Yes, I would definitely use their service if they cover my area because I don't mind eating not very hot food.

Rose World said...

Convenient! Not bad looking for a food delivery.

CL (RealGunners) said...

2x chawanmushi? You really love it so much ar???

Eh they only charge $3 delivery. The one here charge RM3 delivery + 10% of total bill as admin fee. Rip off if you ask me, what if I place RM200 orders...

Phong Hong said...

I haven't tried their service before. Hmmm..maybe one day can try.

Libby said...

RG: Like that, they may discourage huge orders, I agree with you it is rip off