Saturday, May 21, 2016

Good Karma

Whenever I read about news like these, I always think must be their good karma, they are able to become actors and actresses and be admired by many and able to find such good looking partner.

This is the article:

Song Seung Hun is gushing about his lady love. During yesterday's press conference for his new movie The Third Love, Song's co-star in the film and real-life girlfriend, Liu Yifei, became a hot topic of discussion. He raved about her acting talent, how she first caught his eye, and her supportive nature.
"I became interested in Liu Yifei after I saw her in the movie A Chinese Ghost Story. It made me think that her acting prowess was amazing. I found that Liu Yifei acted from her heart," he said about his initial opinion of Liu.
She was there for him when he took on the role of Lin Qi Zheng in the film and began promoting the project. "I don't open up to people easily. I'm more introverted than it seems, and I don't smile much. That's why people worry when I mention being on a variety show. I found the courage to appear on a Chinese variety show because my girlfriend Liu Yifei was there to support me."
The Third Love is a sad love story between a rich man and smart female lawyer. The joint China and South Korea production is scheduled to be released this year.
These lovebirds are not letting their 11-year age difference get in the way of true love.  The When A Man Loves actor and White Vengeance actress are thoroughly enjoying each other's company and taking one day at a time."

Another pair which I think is their good karma is:


Rose World said...

Handsome and pretty, perfect match made in heaven.

mun said...

Love is blind!

Merryn said...

They are the perfect couple in our eyes. Hopefully they are just as perfect for each other in their real life.

Twilight Man said...

From what I read in Buddhism books about beautiful and handsome people, they must have offered lots of flowers to the heavens in their past lives. However I pity the many actors and actresses instead as they have a very pressured lifestyle. It would be too lengthy for me to write here. My Korean friends often chat with me in our group chat and share about their celebrities suffering with scandals and even many suicides! The price to pay is very terrible for being famous and rich, besides losing their freedom.

Once I have blogged about the time when my face appeared on TV nightly for a few years where I had a small role part in the Cancer campaign. Every where I went, people stared & called me Doctor for a long time. No freedom.

CL (RealGunners) said...

Arhhhhh!!! Why you wanna remind me of my goddess??? :'(