Thursday, April 28, 2016

EZLink Card

There is a function where we can top up our farecard using the ATM machine so we don't have to go all the way to the MRT stations to top up the farecard.

On 10 April, I top up my farecard with the amount of S$10 using the ATM machine, however there is a technical fault with the machine and I found out that the amount was deducted from my bank account but not loaded into my farecard.

I called up the bank and made a complaint. The bank told me that I should approach EZLink to get my refund. I went to the TransitLink counter in the MRT station and made a complaint. The counter staff then told me that I should approach EZLink to make the complaint. At this point of time, I already felt frustrated so I sounded angry when I talked to the counter staff. The counter staff then gave me EZLink telephone number for me to call them. I got confused between TransitLink and EZLink. TransitLink provides information about the integrated public transport system; includes GIRO and EZLink farecard application and a guide to bus and MRT services. EZLink farecard is a by product of TransitLink. Actually I shouldn't get angry because I got confused myself.
On another day, I called up EZLink to tell them my problem. They asked for my EZLink card serial number, then they gave me a case number and told me to email my bank statement which showed the amount deducted to them with the case number. I did what they told me using my mobile phone.
These are the email replies they sent to me after a few days.
"Dear Ms Lilian,

Kindly be advised that the refund has been processed and that you may check your bank statement for verification in the next three to five working days.

We hope this clarifies.
As your feedback is important to us and in order to improve our delivery and provide you with the best possible service please click on the link below and rate our service rendered to you in our last communication with you.

We appreciate the time you have taken and will actively use it to improve our services to you.
Thank you.

Best Regards,
From: customerservice
Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2016 12:10 PM
To: lilian_fu2002
Subject: RE: Case XXXXXX

Dear Ms Lilian,

This refers to your email dated 13 April 2016.

We will proceed with the refund and the process will require approximately 21 working days.

Please be reminded to make at least one transaction on your ez-Link card to avoid any delay in the refund process. You may perform the transaction to your card either by doing a top-up to your card or utilise the remaining value of the card on transit or non-transit transaction.

Your kind patience and understanding is greatly appreciated."

They did the refund within 11 days even though they mentioned that it will take 21 days in their email. Even though it is only a small amount, but I am glad I am not shortchanged and all is settled.


Twilight Man said...

That was a lot of headache on their technical oversight. I would have freaked out madly.

Good to hear that story had good ending.

mun said...

Good that you got your money back.