Sunday, March 27, 2016

JB Day Trip - 26 March 2016 (Saturday)

My friend bought this

Costed her around S$10

Nyonya Leaf - Where we had our lunch

Nasi Lemak Rendang Chicken at Nyonya Leaf

Kapitan Local Products where we bought local products such as white coffee

Sour Plum Ice Blended

Ice Cream with Waffle

Tai Wan Xiao Chi

Entrance of Tai Wan Xiao Chi

Arranged to meet Jose at 8.30am to go JB. We meet at Bugis MRT and walk to Queen Street Bus Station. It costed us S$3.30 for the bus fare and we used our Ezlink Card to pay. It was a breeze from Singapore to Woodlands Checkpoint but there was a slight jam on the way to Malaysia Customs.

After we reached Malaysia Customs, we went to City Square and had our lunch at Nyonya Leaf. It was brunch for Jose as she did not have her breakfast. I had Nasi Lemak Rendang Chicken. Then I bought a home decoration (pot of flowers) at a pushcart near Nyonya Leaf. It costed RM32.90. I also bought two shirts for my sis, a bag (from The Bag Shop) and some local products from Kapitan. My friend bought some clothings for herself, her mother and sis, some local products such as white coffee, a stuff toy (as shown in photo #1 and #2) and some Herbal Tea. The stuff toy she thought is a bear or a cat but I was correct, I guessed correctly that it is a rabbit cos the ears are so long!

After that we took a cab to KSL. The cab fare costed us RM11. We had a short break and had some desserts at KSL. Jose had Sour Plum Ice Blended and I had Ice Honey Lemon. We shared the Ice Cream Waffle, the 3 flavours of ice cream were Vanilla, Strawberry and Yam. I love the Yam flavour the most. After that we shopped some more at KSL. Here I bought Ipman 3 DVD. At around 4pm, we took a bus back to City Square. The bus fare was RM1.50 per person. Finally we learned how to take a bus to City Square, usually we take a cab.

We had our dinner at Tai Wan Xiao Chi City Square. Jose had Miso Ramen with Salty Fried Chicken which tasted not bad. After our dinner, we headed back to Singapore and it was around 5.30pm. The return bus fare was RM3.40. We took around two hours for queue, chop our passports and bus journey. We reached Queen Street Bus Station around 7.30pm.

Overall, I enjoyed this trip very much.


Agnes said...

thanks for coming by Malaysia..the nearest and cheapest place for Singaporeans to eat and shop.

Twilight Man said...

It is good to hear that you enjoyed the trip to Malaysia. Next time you should stay overnight in JB as the hotels are cheap and very new.

mun said...

What a nice day trip to JB. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself.

ChrisAu said...

How nice but seems like you guys hang around the town centre. Should go to other places next time.

CL (RealGunners) said...

I thought I spotted KSL in one of your photos...

More importantly, Jose is a she? Short form for Josephine? When I see the name Jose I only think of Jose Mourinho the arrogant ex-Chelsea manager (football)...

Phong Hong said...

It sounds like you enjoyed your trip to JB. I like the home decoration you bought.

[SK] said...

nice "overseas" trip to JB and i guess you enjoyed all the eating and shopping a lot huh?? the food looks good, the plants and doll look cute.. :)

Libby said...

SK: Does the doll reminds you of Fing Fing?