Friday, January 1, 2016

Batam Trip (29 Dec - 31 Dec 2015)

Batam 3 Days 2 Nights Trip (Click on the images to get a larger view)
We visited the famous Laughing Buddha Temple
Go Kart
I did not try the Go Kart as I am afraid if I bang into the roadside car tyres, it will be very malu for me so I just watched.
Go Kart
Good morning - view from our hotel room
Nutmeg Cafe
Day 1 dinner
Day 2 dinner - Curry Chicken Rice (Rp 380,000)
Bangi Kopi
Live Band in a container
Our floor lift lobby
Hotel room
Hotel room
Hotel swimming pool
We can't find such price in SG. For a cafe with big TV screen and a live band, we are only paying Rp380,000 (approx. S$3.80) for curry chicken rice. One thing, their currency, with so many zero, I find the zero very confusing, I always end up giving the wrong amount of money, LOL.

As for the hotel room, it is very clean and comfortable. I would give a rating of 9/10 for it as I am very happy and satisfied with the room.


Phong Hong said...

Glad to know you had a great time in Batam. The food looks good :)

Rose said...

You should give go kart a try. Can drive slowly. Hehe.

Sound like a good holiday in Batam. The hotel room looked cozy too.

mun said...

Happy New Year again! Good to see that you had a relaxing and fun time in Batam. May you have a great 2016 after a nice holiday.

CL (RealGunners) said...

Are you sure Rp 380k is S$ 3.80? That's 1 to 100k exchange rate. That doesn't make sense. I think Rp to Ringgit is about 1 to 3k, it should be around 1 to 10k for S$. I think you paid S$ 38 for the curry chicken rice, not S$ 3.80..

Libby said...

RG: I told you the currency with so many zero is confusing, see? It should be 38k not 380k, my apologies, muahaha

Twilight Man said...

You had so much food there besides shopping.
I am curious whether their beach is nice for diving and surf boarding.