Friday, January 15, 2016

Another favourite singer of mine - 張清芳

She is holding a concert in Singapore soon.

Listening to her songs brings back many fond memories.

張清芳 - one of my fav singers.

I am 70后 (meaning those born in the 70s), so these are the songs I love to listen.

Are you 70后 or 80后or even 90后?

Here are some of her songs which I like.


mun said...

I am early 70s. You must be late 70s, right?

Rose said...

I am also 70s baby. Used to listen to Chinese songs growing up but once I worked, I switched to English songs. So I would not know much of current Chinese hit songs etc.

Knew her songs. Love the songs you picked here.

CL (RealGunners) said...

I'm 80后 so I don't know much about her.

Phong Hong said...

I am 60's. So old :D

[SK] said...

so you are going to her coming concert in Singapore??

Libby said...

SK: I seldom spend on concerts