Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sakae Sushi at Paya Lebar Square (30 Nov 2015)

Let the pictures do the talking, Sakae Sushi is one of my fav haunts for sushi fix.
Ebi mentai sushi (Prawn sushi with codfish roe)

California Maki

Crabstick sushi
The Ebi mentai sushi was heavenly with its codfish roe, there is also chawanmushi, fried tofu, egg mayo gunkan (egg mayo on sushi rice) which I did not take a picture.


Rose said...

I love sushi! NowI miss it. Haha.

CL (RealGunners) said...

Same Sakae, why your sushi looks so much better compared to the ones I get in Penang? >.<

[SK] said...

yeah I am also eyeing on the ebi mentai, but not the sushi lah, because I don't quite fancy sushi, I mean the topping okay but not the rice~~ :p

Twilight Man said...

I carry my Sakae Sushi member card in my wallet always.
That shows how much I like dining there too.
I love their Chawan Mushi.

mun said...

I just love to eat sushi! Yummy!

Libby said...

SK: Now the ebi mentai topping is indeed very nice