Monday, October 26, 2015

Are those with tattoos or those who smoke "bad people"?

The topic of tattoo has been blogged about in SK's blog here.

I have some more thoughts about tattoo, would you relate someone with tattoo to being a bad guy or gangster?

In the past when tattoos are not common, we tend to think of those with tattoo as triad member or gangster or "bad guy" but nowadays tattoo are so common as even the ladies have tattoo on them.

The same goes for smoking.

In the past when we see girls who smoke, we tend to have bad impression of them and think that they are "bad girls" or girls with indecent professions but nowadays more and more ladies are smoking so it is not something new to us.

But of course, there are still people who don't have good impression of tattoo and smoking.

Don't you think so?


ChrisAu said...

I don't really think so there are bad people la but let's not generalize. I think it got nothing to do with being a 'good'or 'bad' people. Probably it's just the trend and some brave and trendy folks just wanted to get tatooed.

[SK] said...

same thoughts here about tattoo and smoking.. they probably were symbols of bad people in the past but nowadays they are indeed so common that they already mean nothing to us.. tattoo are seen as art, while smoking are seen as a social activity.. time has changed and so do the perspective of people.. :)

CL (RealGunners) said...

For me, I have no problems with people with tattoo or people who smoke, and I agree we cannot judge good or bad people with this. Honestly, I think people who fart in the public but blame others are worse than smokers. But I do dislike tattoo and smoking and will not do those myself. How do I say this, in the spirit of freedom of choice I guess. I disagree with tattoo and smoking, but I will respect and defend to the death your rights for tattoo and smoking.

Tattoo to me is something that is not naturally occurring, so I find it weird to put it onto my skin. Smoking is, well... generally bad for your health. I probably would also prefer my future girlfriend/wife to be non smoker, so that we can have a healthy baby (or 10).

Phong Hong said...

Not necessarily so, it's just people's perception. It's best not to judge people just based on tattoo or if they smoke or whatever. Get to know them first.

Twilight Man said...

I could not understand how I could smoke for 18 years. I thought I looked cool, class and rugged. Bluek!
I love to see the tattoos on their big muscled arms and thighs. So macho.

mun said...

Tattoo is different from smoking. If you put a tattoo on your body, it does not affect others. But if you smoke in public and other non-smoking people inhale your 2nd hand smoke, they may get lungs cancer and suffer and die a premature death from cancer so smokers affect other people's lives whereas tattoo does not so you can see how they are different.

Libby said...

SK: Agree with what you said, indeed in modern days, tattoo is seen as art and smoking a social activity. However, I would not smoke or put tattoo, as smoking is bad for health and tattoo is not natural and might be unhygienic.