Monday, September 7, 2015

Top Commenter Blog Giveaway

It has been some time since I hold a blog giveaway, just now, I consolidated the total comments left in my blog posts for the months of Jan and Feb for this year and these are the results:

RG - 24 comments
Sharon - 8 comments
PH - 2 comments
Hayley - 10 comments
Chris - 21 comments
Guan Shan - 11 comments
STP - 4 comments
Rose - 16 comments
TM - 17 comments
Filip - 1 comment
SK - 8 comments
Siawsiaw Life - 1 comment
May - 1 comment
Eunice - 1 comment
Coffeegirl - 1 comment
Mun - 4 comments
Merryn - 3 comments
Linda - 13 comments
Agnes - 3 comments
Princess Ribbon - 2 comments

As you can see from the results, the Top commenter is.......drums roll.....da duh.....Realgunners. I would like to send a souvenir to you RG, kindly leave your address in my email and I will send the souvenir to you.

Those who did not make it, do not be disheartened, do continue to leave comments in my blog posts, I will hold another giveaway some other time, add oil add oil.

Congrats RG!



Rose said...

Congrats to RG. :)

Agnes said...

congrats Realgunners..

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Congratulations to RG...

[SK] said...

congratulations to RealGunners!!! he must be excited to get a gift from you.. :)

Twilight Man said...

Congratulations RG!

What did RG win??

ChrisAu said...

Congrats RG ..... and I am in top 5 too! :)

Libby said...

TM: No idea what to give RG at the moment, will do my shopping and see if I can source for anything nice

RealGunners said...

What the... Me? Top commenter?? What the heck? How is this possible? Hahaha! I'm so flattered now, thanks! :D

Merryn said...

Aiyah so sad to see I am in the bottom 5! Must add oil and improve my standing in your blog. LoL. Congrats to RG!

Twilight Man said...

He cooks so much and fries with his big wok while half naked. RG needs an apron! Lol

mun said...

Congrats RG! Can't wait to see what he will receive.