Sunday, September 27, 2015

Heart Problem?

Have been experiencing fast heart beat since Wednesday and I felt pretty uncomfortable as my heart seems to beat faster than normal beat. However, as I have tuition until Friday, I can only go see doctor on Friday, as I do not wish to skip my tuition or change my tuition lesson.

I heard heart attack is hereditary, so I am rather afraid that there is a possibility of heart attack, as I felt uncomfortable with this fast heart beat, it is no longer blissful for me as I cannot enjoy every moment with this condition.

Hope Friday faster come so I can go see doc.


Rose said...

Oh dear!! Hope you are fine. Rest well and hope everything is fine. And yes, get consultation and check up are important.

[SK] said...

hope you are feeling better.. did you eat something that cause your fast heartbeat probably??

Twilight Man said...

Oh no. Health is more important than anything else.
How come you cannot see doctor at night?

ChrisAu said...

Fast heart beat could be due to anxieties , medications or caffeine intake. It's better to check with the doc and do some exercise. It helps.

CL (RealGunners) said...

If it is something bugging you, you most definitely should get it checked out as soon as possible rather than wait for some days. Since it is now already Sunday, I assume you have done the check up anyway. Hope you feel better.