Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sharing some useful and nice products from Daiso

Pen Stand with Photo Frame

Extreme Right - Touch Up for Grey Hair

Shampoo Brush - Use it to massage your scalp following the flow of your hair

Saw these products in the Facebook Group (Friends of Daiso) where members of the group share about products they bought so thought of sharing them here.

Have not bought the products yet, but will go and buy them in future.

The Touch Up for Grey Hair is for those in a hurry and want instant results.

Hope the Shampoo Brush is useful as I often find my hands aching from scrubbing my scalp when I shampoo my hair. 


suituapui said...

That is a lovely pen stand.

Rose said...

I have not visit Daiso outlet here.

Agnes said...

have not visited Daiso for many months now. always can't resist to buy some stuff each time I shop there. The touch Up for grey Hair would be useful for me :D

Twilight Man said...

I visit Daiso at least twice a month! I didn't know there is this Friends of Daiso to share their shopping loots.