Thursday, July 30, 2015

Introducing is a place where you can get many templates for your website be it blog or if you want to set up an online store. It is useful for those who will like start a business and create a website for their business. They have categories such as Business & Services, Music, Entertainment, Online Store, Blog, Hotel & Travel, Restaurant & Hospitality, Photography, Creative Arts, Design, Retail & Fashion and Personal.

I created my tuition agent business website using one of the templates in

Here is an example of the website I like, I like the look, the design and colours of this website. I love looking at the different fascinating websites with colourful graphics.

Create a free website with Customize your website with Wix's free website builder.

Have fun exploring


[SK] said...

impressive website with loads of templates.. I like to build myself than straight away "copy and paste" so I get great ideas from there.. :)

mun said...

thanks for sharing! Great resources here.

Twilight Man said...

This is new and interesting.