Monday, June 15, 2015

JB One Day Trip - 14 June (Sunday)

Arranged to meet Jose at 10am to go JB. We meet at Bugis MRT and walk to Queen Street Bus Station. It costed us S$3.30 for the bus fare and we used our Ezlink Card to pay. This time round we reached JB faster than we expected.

After we reached Malaysia Customs, we took a cab to Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre. The cab fare costed us RM9. Most of the stalls are not opened at the time we reached there (almost lunch time). After a while, we spotted a Wan Tan Mee stall and had our lunch there. The Wan Tan Mee costed RM4.50. After our lunch, we shopped around in the vicinity. Me and my buddy bought some joss sticks, incense paper etc from one of the shops. After a short while, we walked to KSL shopping centre.

We continued our shopping at KSL. Will share the loots I bought from KSL in a later post. After shopping at KSL, we took a cab to City Square to have our dinner. The cab fare was RM10. We had our dinner at Tai Wan Xiao Chi. Thumbs up for their food, I love the smell and taste of the fried chicken.

After our dinner, we headed back to Singapore and it was around 7pm. The return bus fare was RM3.40. There was no traffic jam but the human queue was very long.

Overall, I enjoyed this trip very much and it was like going overseas even though it was just across the causeway only, haha.
Colourful Huat Kueh

Ah Piaw Wan Tan Mee which RG mentioned

Saltish Fried Chicken Ramen which Jose had (RM13.90)


Tai Wan Xiao Chi at City Square

Saltish Fried Chicken Rice with veg and egg (RM14.90)


Rose said...

Glad it was a fruitful and wonderful Sunday trip for you. Haha. Very colourful huat kuih. Could not wait to see whay you bought home.

[SK] said...

yeah can see you enjoyed the trip very much, and expenses are so cheap to your also huh?? :)

RealGunners said...

So you did have your wantan mee there, or just snapped a photo? How was it??

Twilight Man said...

Waaah! The Huat Kueh is so colourful. I had never seen one like that.

Thank you for shopping and helping our economy. Malaysia welcomes you to visit again.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

No picture of the wanton mee?

mun said...

Good to hear that you enjoyed the day trip to JB. Feels refreshing to take a walk across the Causeway.

Libby said...

Rose: I will post what I bought in a later post

SK: Yup your are right, things are so cheap in Malaysia, I would love to visit JB again and again

RG: Did not eat at Ah Piaw Wan Tan Mee and did not take a picture also

TM: Hee hee, TM, you sounds like Malaysia Tourism Board

Sharon: I did not take a picture of the Wan Tan Mee I eat cos it is normal stuff

Mun: Thanks

ChrisAu said...

Sunday night is always crowded... try to go on Saturdays but then, going out to JB can be crowded on Sat morning too.

Oh.. I tried that saltish fried chicken in City Sq... its nice!!

Libby said...

Chris: Nice right the saltish fried chicken, I like it very much. Yup are you right, go on Sat morning would be very crowded but come back on Sunday night also crowded so best is go on Sat night and come back on Sunday morning muahaha

Libby said...

SK: Indeed I enjoyed this trip very much

Libby said...

Chris: *Yup you are right

Libby said...


Libby said...

TM: I have never seen colourful huat kueh like these too

suituapui said... colourful. I hope they use natural colours for those.

Bluedreamer27 said...

glad to know you enjoyed your trip...
those Huat Kueh looks like colorful meringue.. but upon searching, i found out that it is more like a steamed cake
thanks for sharing your tour Libby
Have a great day ^_^

Libby said...

*to you