Friday, June 26, 2015

Back to telemarketing

Since now it is school holidays, so some students' parents want their kids to have a break, so I am back to part time telemarketing and at the same time teaching fewer students, will go back to my full time teaching after the school holidays.

There are some politics in my office, my boss doesn't like us telemarketers to chit chat and talk during the course of our work but there are these two telemarketers who like to chit chat around during work, but I choose to be doing my work and talk lesser to them, in one way or another, I offended them because they think I "suck up" to my boss, haiz, I just want to do my work and not lose my job, can't they understand? They said some very nasty words in front of me. I did nothing wrong, maybe they think I am not part of their group because I choose not to talk to them.

I love my job but I don't love the politics.

I feel a bit down because of that.

Maybe I should ignore them because they are just some troublemakers, but it is easier said than done. I can't ignore them because I need to face them everyday.


Bluedreamer27 said...

sorry to hear about that two unrespectful colleagues of yours... well, i guess you better ignore them, after all you're not doing anything wrong.. you're just doing your job and that's all because if you let yourself be affected, you will be demotivated so try to keep yourself away from those negativities around hehe..

I was in such working industry before until they transferred to tech support where I had to deal with irate customers everyday which really stress me out... and yeah not to mention those annoying colleagues that will ruin your day even more ^_^

Just be optimistic and everything will fall back into place

Libby said...

Bluedreamer: Thanks for your encouragement

Twilight Man said...

Take it easy as you have all the knowledge to change this situation.
Remember that in life....We should control all situations and not let situations control us.
Your 2 colleagues are just like Minions with bad frequency which you can tame them.
Chant mantras often during work and the good positive frequency will enhance your work
And turn the 2 Minions to become your buddies.
Good luck and Smile always.

[SK] said...

students here still go tuition during school holidays, so tutors are still working as usual.. well, I think you just let it be with those "office politicians" since you are already not in their gang, and most importantly you are just working there temporarily for the school holidays!! no big deal, it'll soon over and you don't have to see them.. :)

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Just do your part...

RealGunners said...

Since it is just part time, ignore them lah.. you will go back to full time teaching anyway, right?

mun said...

Since it is part time, best to ignore them though I know it is easier said than done.