Thursday, April 16, 2015

My student Thomas

I am teaching my student Thomas Chinese, he is in Primary two this year and he is a restless boy. Every time during lesson he will put up his leg and rest his leg on top of the table and every time I have to tell him "put down your leg". He is not a local but a Vietnamese however his Hanyu Pinyin is pretty good and his pronunciation is still alright, just need some improvement.

I hope he will improve under my coaching.

Jiayou Thomas!


Somewhere in Singapore said...

Thomas, jiayou!!! jiayou!!!

Rose said...

Not only need to teach him Chinese but manners too. ;)

Yup. Good luck to you too. He has a great teacher in you.

ChrisAu said...

oh..guess this is a rebellious one.. Good luck!

Libby said...

Sharon: Thank you Aunty Sharon, on behalf of Thomas

Rose: If got chance, I will teach him manners also, I will tell him must learn to respect people and respect your teacher

Chris: I am sure I can handle him because I have boundless patience and I know how to be firm when required

Libby said...

Chris: Thanks Chris

mun said...

all the best to Thomas too!