Sunday, March 15, 2015

On the topic of weak Euro and Yen and travel

Just learned from a current affairs programme that Euro dollar and the yen are going weak. So is it a good time to travel to Europe and Japan now?

By the way, it is time for me to renew my passport this year, I went to ICA (stands for Immigration & Checkpoints Authority) at Lavender that day to renew my passport, we will receive a pink card by mail to inform us to collect our passport when it is ready, the fee is S$70.

For Singapore passports, last time only need to renew every 10 years, now we need to renew every 5 years.

My dear passport, this year and the coming years, where are you bringing me to again? Hee hee, it depends on your owner, ME!, lor.

I love to travel to unwind and pamper myself but no doubt it is true that you will spend a lot on travel and this year I intend to save more for rainy days, so maybe I would just travel to nearby country, like Malaysia, for short trip, I remembered in 2013, when I travel to Taiwan, I spend over S$1k. Burn a hole in my pocket, hee hee.


RealGunners said...

In Malaysia now, we just do everything in kiosks, then we can get the passport within an hour or two.

I think it is definitely a good time for Singaporeans to go travel now, or at least exchange some Euros for future use. Not so for us here. Although the Euro and yen is weak, the ringgit is even weaker, worse for us! :(

[SK] said...

traveling to almost everywhere is cheap for Singaporean because the Sing currency is always so strong!!!

mun said...

SGD is strong so you can travel to Europe and Japan, no issue at all.

J-Mei said...

Malaysia will start implement GST on April so many things will be slightly expensive than usual.