Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Dinner Tonight (2)

This is my dinner tonight. Grilled fish with pasta, salad and cream sauce. Cost S$6.90.

After eating halfway, I discovered the fish is not cook well, so I return it to the stall and the stall gave me a new one.


suituapui said...

Salmon? Yummmmm!!! Very expensive here. :(

RealGunners said...

I'm not a fan of these creamy sauce over grilled fish. I prefer simple salt and pepper, and lemon juice or soy sauce for grilled fish.

Rose said...

Lovely meal. Pity it was not cooked but glad the stall replace for you. Pretty reasonably priced.

Libby said...

STP: Nope it is not salmon, but not sure what fish it is

RG: Cream sauce my favourite

Rose: Yup, so I had double meal haha

mun said...

So nice of the stall to replace your half eaten fish.

Twilight Man said...

So delicious. I like!
I eat pasta every week.