Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sharing a news that I saw on Facebook

I read online Straits Times and saw this news - PRESIDENT Joko Widodo said Indonesia will stop sending its women to work as maids overseas to preserve the country's dignity - and is working on a target to enforce this.

There are many comments that came in regarding this news and the one I most liked and agreed is this one:

"Dignity comes with making money using your own hands, without having to borrow, beg or steal. Having sufficient money to see through her kids' education, providing bread and butter for the family, saving for her own investment in farms, small businesses and more importantly for a comfortable retirement. That is what is called dignity."

Other comments go like this:

"Unless he can provide jobs for them, if not, another kind of resentment will surface! There is nothing wrong with working as a maid, is hard earn, "clean" money!"

"What is wrong with working as a maid? I respect these ladies as they sacrifice their comfort to come to a foreign country into others home to work hard & bring back money home to improve the family."


Linda said...

Libby, thanks for sharing this, and I agree and like the comment you are quoting.

Twilight Man said...

I read this news too and felt the maids have a choice to make. The President probably saw how the maids were being abused with long hours and no off days! It appears double standard as the Filipino ones usually have off days and definitely twice higher pay at least because most of them had good education, speaks English and cook very well. There is no way to stop them coming through back doors if he cannot plug all their many exits points into other countries. Anyway, the comments you shared is true as this is honest income.

Rose said...

If this happens then other foreign maids will be high in demand. Like those Filipino and Vietnamese.

[SK] said...

agree with what the comments said.. working as maid has nothing to do with dignity.. it's earning hard cash with own hands and effort.. unless they can provide better jobs for their own people, then that's earning true respect..

RealGunners said...

I think it is just politics and power play. Doubt he will follow through.

If Indonesian maids stop coming, Malaysians/Singaporeans/HK/etc will be equally screwed. Maybe he wants to see which country quacks first.

Hayley said...

I am not aware of this news at all :p

Thanks for sharing!

ChrisAu said...

I guess maybe he's disturbed by those maid abuse over the years.