Sunday, January 18, 2015

Slogans I like

Just sharing some of the nice slogans I gather from a few places and websites:

(1) Some people dream of success. We make it happen.

(2) The world can be yours.

(3) We love making people happy that is what draws us to this business. (This is the slogan of my tuition agent business)

(4) Here at City Bakery, baking is our passion. Come and visit, your taste buds will thank you.

(5) From simple business cards to complex color catalogs to dynamic websites, let me make YOU look good!

I love reading the different slogans for the different businesses, some which are very brilliant and witty.

I quite like the first slogan because it is especially relevant and appropriate for any business that want to gain trust from their customers.

How about you? Any slogan you like that you would love to share and what do you think of the slogans I shared here?


Rose said...

I like no 1 too.

Hayley said...

Not easy to think of a business slogan which can attracts people... Hmm..

ChrisAu said...

I got came across some but always forgot. hahaha...

mun said...

All the slogans in your list suit business very well.

Libby said...

Hayley: Hee hee, maybe you can think of a slogan for your online business

观珊 said...

i like this one for whatapps:
"Life is short, chat fast!!"