Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Chinese horoscope in the year of sheep

Actually nothing much to blog today, just a random post.

Happened to see my Chinese horoscope prediction for this year. My lucky number is 3331.

Another Chinese Horoscope I read at Ang Mo Kio says:

Individuals born in the year of the Rat must pay extra attention to issues related to business partnerships. For employees, there will be opportunities for promotion and pay rise. Yet, the level of responsibilities and pressure would also increase resulting in mental and physical fatigue. Be sure to make use of your network of friends for opportunities and mutual benefits.

Another Chinese horoscope is from a horoscope book I bought many years ago, the author is Theodora Lau, title of the book is Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes. From this book, this is what it says of how the Rat fares in the year of sheep:

The Rat's finances make a recovery this year and there are some achievements career-wise. However, his plans cannot all be realized without encountering changes or some small upheaval. He will be able to discover and take advantage of previously unseen opportunities.

The above two horoscopes of Rat seem to have some similarities.

Hayley, you can read about this horoscope since you are also a Rat.

Do have a good week ahead everyone.


Rose said...

Used to read horoscope in the past when I were working but since then, no more. I just read for fun.

Whatever it is, I wish you a great 2015. Good health, success, prosperity and abundance of happiness to you.

ChrisAu said...

I don't believe in all these stuffs. It's all in your own efforts. ;)

RealGunners said...

Haih, I read mine, as usual it is generic stuff again. You will have good fortunes, but you need to work hard and watch out for 'small people'. You will have good romance prospect if you go out and find.

Who doesn't know our mom is woman? =.="

Libby said...

Chris, RG: Agree that our destiny is in our own hands, but sometimes these Chinese Horoscopes can be quite accurate so that's why I believe in it

[SK] said...

i guess all these are rather generic.. choose to believe the good ones but don't let the bad ones haunt you, then life would be more happy~~ :)

Libby said...

Rose: Thanks, you too have a great year!