Thursday, January 15, 2015


Today's blog post is about my TV (Panasonic brand). My good old TV, after serving us for a good 15 years, is spoilt, that day I turned on the TV and suddenly it blacked out with some sizzling sound, so my first reaction is to quickly turn off the electricity, luckily I turned off the electricity cos after that I saw smoke calling out from the back of the TV. After serving us for 15 years, it is indeed value for money. So now we are using a new TV, a Samsung LCD TV from our brother in law.

Thanks to him.

RIP my old TV, goodbye to you.


Rose said...

A new tv for the new year.

RealGunners said...

Congrats for joining the club, now you will get to change TV every 3 years instead of 15! My home in KL changed 3rd LCD TV since using it for the past 5 years..

观珊 said...

old tv can be sold RM10..

ChrisAu said...

Ok are cheap nowadays as well as save electricity. I also planning to get a new one as mine also calling it a day soon. Can see black patches on the lcd.