Thursday, December 11, 2014

Training on Interpersonal Communication Skills

My sis went for a training on communication skills and I would like to share here what she learned.

Here it is -

1.1 How much time do we spend communicating?

In a study done (1996 to 1998) done by Jack E Hulbert, it was found that we spend about 70% of our waking hours communicating, of which 45% was spent on listening.

1.2 The Process of Communication
  • Communication is a process of exchanging meaning between two people. It involves the exchange of thoughts, ideas and messages.
  • There is no beginning and no end.
  • It begins with us: our backgrounds, values and perceptions.
  • Two parties are involved.
The sender has a message to send. If he uses the wrong methods to send his message, the message might get distorted by the time the Receiver receives it. Likewise, the Receiver might misinterpret the message if he uses poor methods of listening.

1.3 The 3 Vs of Communication
  1. Visual Communication (Body Language - 55%)
  2. Vocal Communication (38%) - In dealing with people, your tone of voice communicates more meanings than your verbal content.
  3. Verbal Communication (7%) - Although verbal may constitute only 7% of communication process but the chosen words can dampen or heighten someone's feelings.
1.4 Active Listening
  • It involves concentration and effort.
  • It listens not only to contents but also to body language.
  • It uses the verbal and non-verbal components of communication.
  • It requires us to be objective not to jump into conclusions and to avoid criticizing others.
I find the above is also useful to me in my telemarketing job.

Hope you like this sharing and learn something too.



Chen Kings said...

Thanks for sharing Libby!
I agree with the points especially the active listening part, listen to others is really important in any career :)

ChrisAu said...

Been to many communications skills courses. Hope they make it more practical and less theories. There were some which I find it to be too theoretical and difficult to put into practice.

Twilight Man said...

Interesting! Would you believe that I have a US degree in Visual Communications? I was tortured to do practicals for 2 years! I agree with Chris Au on this necessity.