Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Change of interests

Last time, I used to like to watch soccer games but nowadays I cut down a lot, I have not much patience to watch the games anymore, the only soccer game I watch is World Cup and I usually watch the finals.

Secondly last time I used to like watching movies such as thriller or alien movies, but nowadays I also cut down a lot, I only like to watch travel programs or food programs on TV, wonder is it because now I feel those alien movies are fake and fiction stories so it doesn't interest me anymore.

But the only interest that remains intact all these years is my love for karaoke, I still love karaoke now and I also love listening to songs. This interest has not changed over the years.

Any new interest I developed? Yes, I love attending talks and events that are informative which helps to increase my knowledge.

How about you? Any change of interest over the years which you discovered? Do share with me, I would love to hear from you.


Rose said...

I love to read and I still read.

I also used to love to watch thriller and horror movies but now I seldom watch them. No more guts to watch. Lol.

Twilight Man said...

Hey I like your new banner. So serene and colourful to brighten u my day!

My interests changed according to my age. I loved to smoke, drink and party like wild animals until I landed into hospital. These days, I have mellowed down and sip tea with cakes like an old English lady! Wakakakaka

I also like to read blogs and religions now.

ChrisAu said...

hahha...people will change. Somehow for me, I don't like shopping that much already unless I got something to buy.

Libby said...

Rose: Same here, I also seldom watch horror movies nowadays

TM: More healthy lifestyle now

Chris: True, people do change

RealGunners said...

Yikes.. I don't think I have changed much at all over the years. Maybe I'm not that old to experience serious changes. I'm definitely more into cooking though nowadays ;)

Libby said...

*brighten up

Libby said...
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mun said...

I used to live watching HK TVB drama series but not anymore. Nowadays I prefer to read blogs.

Libby said...