Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Just to share about a furniture shop

Today I would like to share about a vintage furniture shop by the name Things Your Mother Throw. I like the name of the shop because it is creative and original, and sounds very suitable for a vintage furniture shop. Went to their website and understand that the items they sell are grouped into (1) seating (2) tables (3) storage and (4) unique items. These are some of the items I like as I browse through their website. I like vintage furniture because they always have a story to tell behind them and it brings back fond memories of the past.
Two seater sofa in lovely turquoise

Love this one because the covers are removable and washable
Things Your Mother Throw will be incorporated into an multi-space with an art gallery, performance space, vintage shop, cafe and bistro in a few months' time.

How about you? Do you like vintage furniture?

Note: This is not a sponsored post and I am not compensated for posting this write up about the shop.


Rose said...

Yes, I do admired vintage furniture for their style. I like that 2-seater. Been looking for a suitable one for my hall tv area.

[SK] said...

ah, the blue sofa looks nice, i love the color.. :)

Coffee Girl said...

Oh nice! visited the website and i totally loved the Vintage whitewash divider! Do you think they sell online and ship to Malaysia? Hmm...

felicia chai said...

im loving it so much!!
thanks for sharing ;)

ChrisAu said...

Not Bad ! Some vintage furniture are quite nice.

Libby said...

Rose: Very nice right the 2 seater?

SK: Yes the blue colour is nice

Coffeegirl: I had sent in an enquiry with your questions

Felicia Chai: I am glad to share too, good things are meant to be shared

Chris: But sometimes vintage furniture can be more expensive than normal furniture

Twilight Man said...

Oh that's an interesting shop! I might ask them to take my 4 Victorian chairs which were sent to me as gifts from Taipei. I want to change my home's interior concept now.

Singapore always has interesting shops and restaurants!