Sunday, July 6, 2014

Extract from a book (Do it well, make it fun)

Recently I borrowed a book from the library, there is a part I find quite useful, meaningful and inspiring so I would like to share it here, it is about how you keep your friendship more fun and going strong, here it goes:

1. Participating in joint activities such as sports, shopping or events together are all fun ways to build friendship.

2. Send fun gifts and cards. Every once in a while, I'll get a perfect gift for a friend for no reason. It might be Starbucks card (discount card), a book on humour etc. We should think of our friends and share a fun gift now and then.


[SK] said...

i agree with point 2.. to the person receiving, it's always pleasant surprise.. and to the person sending, it's always fun and the chinese saying "giving is more blessed than receiving" is always so true :)

Rose said...

Nice tip, Libby.

Btw would you mind send me your mailing address to Thanks.

Waverly Charlotte said...

For my friends and I, we don't usually engage in sports or shopping together because we never seem to be able to agree on a mutual time and place.

(I'm not the futsal player that they are.)

But to keep our friendship alive and fresh, we'd usually hang out in those rare times over food and conversations. ^^

Coffee Girl said...

To add to your idea on my idea of keeping the friendship strong: 3. Do a small pot-luck gathering or bbq. You can either host them (but smaller group is more fun) or go to a place where everyone can contribute. =)

Simple Person said...

those are good tips..
it will be fun and happy when see the receiver is enjoy our gift..