Friday, May 2, 2014

What are your favourite animals?

The following are 5 animals which I like:

1. Dolphins

They are such lovely animals, friendly and amicable. Saw them when I went to the Underwater World in Singapore, they are so intelligent and cute and able to perform so many stunts, hope they are happy, they are happy I am happy.
2. Horses

They are such elegant and graceful animals.
3. Elephants

Like them because they are very family oriented and have "elephant" memories, very intelligent animals too.
4. Dogs

How can I miss out on dogs, dogs are human's most loyal friends and pets.
5. Cats

My neighbourhood got many cats and they are such cuddly animals.
How about you? What are your favourite animals?


suituapui said...

Can't say I'm fond of any...

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Dog... hehe...

Rose said...

I love dogs the most! They are great companion.

ChrisAu said...

Dogs !!

Angeline BK said...

I like them...but I don't love and hate them.

Dog I can consider here.

Scott Cheong said...

Definitely dogs!