Wednesday, March 5, 2014

An update on my student's results

Nothing much today, just an update on my student's results for their mini tests.

One student got 13/15 for his mini Science test.

Another student of mine got 15/20 for his mini Maths test, considered good effort for an autistic child.

Yes, I am currently teaching an autistic child, he is beginning to open himself up to me and respond more after I teach him for some time. I am glad he is able to respond more and even more happy whenever he understands what I taught him but frankly speaking, sometimes I don't know whether he understand what I taught him, but I just tried my best to teach him. There is another tutor who is teaching him Maths, but gave up half way and quitted because he says he has no patience.


[SK] said...

good progress that is!! congratulations on the achievement, both you and the kids.. :)

Rose said...

Congrats for being a great teacher to 2 students. Glad both did well in their test.