Saturday, February 15, 2014

Forgive and forget

Just like Hayley, I had some misunderstanding with friend recently. Sometimes I miss being a kid, kids are always so innocent unlike adults got so many misunderstandings and trouble in their minds... sometimes I get angry and feel like "taking revenge" but when I calm myself down, I tell myself why not forgive and forget, even if it is not my mistake and I had done nothing wrong... I know it is hard to forgive and forget but I will try my best. My friend had stopped replying my Whatsapp message asking if she would like to meet up with me.

Feel rather sad and down when she didn't reply my message, I knew she had seen and read the message. I treasure this friendship because we had known each other for many years and we had been to many places together.

想念小时候的单纯 没有大人们的是是非非

忘了那些刻薄的批评 他们不了解很多事情

Just wanna share a picture and quote I downloaded from Facebook.


Rose said...

It is rather sad for friends to fall apart due to misunderstanding :(

LouizYee said...

I can relate..

I hate misunderstanding.. I hate arguments.. I hate making enemies..

I had a misunderstanding with two colleagues about a couple of years ago. Boy, that feeling was horrible.. Coz I need to see them everyday, face them everyday, deal with them everyday.. So when we had this misunderstanding, it was killing me. I had no choice but to "cover my face" and go up and had a talk with them (I was not in the wrong ok). I even apologize and bought them something to patch things up. I had to do this, just to be done with the whole thing.

It's hard to make enemies at work. Hou sanfu.

Twilight Man said...

People fight because they have high ego and will not put down their pride. It could have been prevented at the beginning like the sayings of "Prevention is Better Than Cure"....

Quick go patch up with her. Buy her a balloon and ice cream! She will surely cry!