Sunday, February 9, 2014

CNY Cards

This year 2014 I received many CNY cards, some from blogger friends and some from my personal friends.
CNY card from Rose (Rose world)
Thanks to Rose for this red red colour CNY card from her. I like the fish pictures on the card.
Inside of the card

CNY card from Hayley
Thanks to Hayley for this cute CNY card, this is the second time I received a card from her.
"Mystery" CNY card from SP
Why I call the CNY card from Simple Person mystery card, because he just stated his "real" name Shaun in the card, and never state SP so I had a hard time identifying who is "Shaun", finally the mystery is solved and now I know Shaun is SP, thanks SP!
Last but not least, a CNY card from my personal friend, Nor. Thanks to her friendship to me.


azurachan said...

Lovely cards you received. :-)

Eunice Qing Fen said...


Rose said...

Thought it lost somewhere but glad you received it. ;)

Somewhere in Singapore said...

The hippo is cute...